Val. B

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Theresa and Jane for the wonderful experience you have afforded me at Scallan Hearing Aid and Audiology Center. You have taken the time to properly diagnose my hearing loss and provide me with the hearing aid solution adaptable to my condition. An active life is important to me and because of you I am able to live my life to the fullest while enjoying family, friends, church, movies, plays, sporting events and everyday television programs. I have great respect for Laurie. The fact that she lives her life with a hearing deficiency enables her to provide comfort, true experience and valuable help to her patients. One of the great tips that she provided to me was to sit with your back to the wall when in a noisy restaurant or meeting to help filter the background noise. What a difference that makes and I practice that tip often in my daily life. Due to your expertise, I can enjoy a quality of life that I may not have been able to enjoy without my hearing. I am very pleased with your service and with my hearing aids. Thank you Laurie, Theresa and Jane for taking such good care of me.”

Libby. R

“Russell wears hearing protection now when he mows the grass! He also wears the music plugs at band practice. He really likes them. Best of all, he wears the hearing aids so he can hear me. He also has commented that he can hear in his classroom better. Imagine that… Thank you!”

Marie and Donna L

“Thank you for your time and patience in getting my mom fitted with a hearing aid. She is so happy that she can understand and participate in our conversations. She has been wanting to hear better for such a long time. I very much appreciated the care you showed mom on our consultation appointments.”

James A

“Every time I have come to the office, i have been treated with the utmost respect. Everything has been explained to me in great detail and my experience has been excellent. I couldn’t have asked for better service.”

Perry G

“Very fast, unplanned, but thorough. Very satisfied with everything.”


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