Tinnitus Management & Misophonia


Many people go through life with the frustration of tinnitus, a persistent ringing in the ears that can be constant or intermittent. While the symptoms of tinnitus can vary in intensity and duration, it’s a condition that can lessen your quality of life.

The causes of tinnitus can include injury, illness, a reaction to medication, or prolonged exposure to loud sounds, and is linked with hearing loss in about 90% of patients. Many find that the use of hearing aids can help lessen the effects of tinnitus and can lead to an increased satisfaction of day to day activities.

Scallan Hearing Aid & Audiology is proud to offer an extensive array of knowledge and experience in tinnitus management, as it is one of Laurie Morrison’s specialties.


In addition to treatment for tinnitus, we also work with patients who experience misophonia. This condition is slightly different than other hearing impairments, as it creates an adverse reaction when being exposed to certain sounds.

Often times a specific noise will be a trigger, and patients with misophonia will become very uncomfortable and want to leave to avoid hearing the noise. In extreme cases, the trigger will cause rage or suicidal thoughts.

Treatment for misophonia can be difficult, as it’s often hard to uncover the source of the condition. Many patients find successful management of their symptoms with the use of a device.


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